AECI Plant Health Measure Smart kit complies with Act 36 of 1947

7 November 2023

Agricultural chemicals are widely used on South African farms to protect crops against pests and diseases, and ensure food security. AECI Plant Health has introduced a complete “ready-to-use” kit, called Measure Smart, that complies with the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Seeds and Remedies Act 36 of 1947 to ensure the accuracy of mixtures, safety and sustainability.

Speaking at a farmers information day hosted by agriculture publication Food For Mzansi in Pretoria last month, AECI Plant Health crop advisor Juan Harmse educated attendees on the importance of understanding the toxicology of a product, as well as product handling, mixing and measuring.

The equipment in the AECI Plant Health Measure Smart kit enables the user to safely weigh off and measure agricultural remedies and related agricultural products to help avoid potential adverse effects.

Farmers are strongly encouraged to always use the personal protection equipment (PPE) provided in the kit, which includes safety glasses for eye protection; a mask to protect the nose, mouth and respiratory tract; gloves to protect hands and forearms and an apron to protect against spills on clothing.

An 8 kg stainless steel scale and bowl are also provided for the accurate weighing of powders and granules, which can be scooped into a measuring bowl using the 500 g and 50 mℓ measuring spoons supplied. To ensure the accurate measurement of liquid products, 2 ℓ, 1 ℓ and 250 mℓ measuring jugs are included in the kit, while 20 mℓ syringes can be used to accurately measure small amounts of liquid. Spills can be avoided by using the small funnel when pouring liquids from containers between 1 ℓ and 10 ℓ into jugs. A large funnel is made available to facilitate the pouring of liquids into jugs when using containers that are 20 ℓ or larger. A 4 ℓ bucket (also included) can be used if necessary. A 1 kg calibration weight is provided to calibrate the scale before use and should be stored in a dry place to prevent rust.

Cleaning and safe storage of PPE and measuring equipment

While wearing gloves, wash your hands and all measuring (except the scale) with liquid soap under running water for 30 seconds. Wipe the scale with a damp cloth.

Keeping the gloves on, remove the protective clothing, safety glasses and your face mask, which should be disposed of.

Wash the apron with liquid soap under running water for 30 seconds. Repeat this process with your safety glasses. Wash your gloves one last time with liquid soap under running water for 30 seconds. Replace and dispose of any damaged or worn-out items.

Allow all personal PPE to dry thoroughly and store in the Measure Smart box.