Celebrating 100 years of AECI

20 March 2024

We're celebrating 100 years of AECI!

At the dawn of our centenary anniversary, AECI Limited emerges as a testament to resilience, innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a history rooted in the late 1800s, pioneering the explosives industry in South Africa during the discovery of gold in Johannesburg, AECI has evolved into a towering figure in the global arena of mining explosives and chemicals.

Now, as ‘One AECI, for a better world’, our four key business ‘pillars’ address many of the world's current challenges, such as sustainability in mining, water scarcity, food security and green chemistry. 

Food security is a major concern in Africa, with one in eight people in developing countries is starving. In Africa alone, agriculture stocks are declining, food prices are increasing and climate change is reducing productivity.

In support of sustainable agriculture, AECI Plant Health's NuWay® programme, launched in 2015, and our extensive range of products and services, work hand in hand with farmers to preserve natural resources, restore soil biology and address the pressing need to produce nutritious food in response to consumer demands.

With a sprawling presence across 22 nations, boasting a workforce of over 7 500 dedicated individuals, AECI's journey embodies a century of transformative growth, propelled by a relentless pursuit of advancement and a steadfast dedication to shaping the future of industry.

Boasting a history that spans more than 50 years, AECI Plant Health, part of AECI's Agri Health pillar, is part of this amazing legacy!