Who We Are


We Are

AECI Plant Health has a proud history backing our future success.



  • 2020

    2020 and Beyond

    Realignment of Nulandis by:

    - Rebranding: To AECI PLANT HEALTH
    - Redesigning: Organisation for the future
    - Building: In-house product pipeline
    - Strengthening: supplier alliances
    - Driving: NuWay® methodology
    - Enhancing: Crop Advisor Skills
    - Innovating: Water usage & emerging farms
    - Growing: National & AME footprint
    - Expanding: Niche products globally

  • 2016


    - Nulandis expands its african footprint by establishing AECI Mining & Chemical Services Namibi and AECI Mozambique Limitada

  • 2015

    - Nulandis launches its NuWay® programme which focuses on introducing a sustainable approach to agriculture by addressing consumer demands for nutritious and safer food while balancing the Growers needs to preserve scarce resources such as soil, the environment and water.
    - AECI’s Ecologika business incorporated into Nulandis
    - Nulandis acquires Farmers Organisation Limited (Malawi) to expand into Africa
    - Nulandis acquires Biocult to enhance its Biological offering and support the NuWay® methodology

  • 2011

    - Plaaskem expands its distribution footprint through the acquisition of Qwemico
    - Plaaskem, Qwemico and UAP consolidate to form Nulandis

  • 2005

    - Plaaskem enters the agrochemical distribution market through its acquisition of UAP

  • 2001

    - Plaaskem acquired by Chemical Services, a subsidiary of AECI
    - Plaaskem merges with other Agchem entities in the Chemserve group, namely Applied Chemicals, Kynoch Agro and Kynochem to form the Plaaskem group which specialises in the development and manufacture of agrochemicals and plant nutrition products.

  • 1970

    - AECI, through its subsidiary Chemical Services, acquires Farmchem from Dr. Jonah Fisher